Achtung: Links to softwares, to come soon!

I'm quite minimalistic in my programming (trying to leave the least memory footprints and compile with minimum filesize). This is mostly due to habit in the past which I still find a good habit.

My preferred operating system for PC (and indeed the one that I can be most productive with both as a developer and as a user) is Microsoft Windows. I'm the rare breed that still writes a GUI in Win32. Now I only use Win10 and the latest Debian in WSL but I still love the XP (I'm still playing games with XP). If possible/easy, I try to port software in Linux not available in Windows to Windows! My preferred smartphone operating system is Android, though I wished that there was something better than Android with a good C++ API.

My preferred programming language is C++. My preferred script language is Python, I mostly work with version 2.7. I work with almost all popular computer algebra systems except for SAGE. My preferred C/C++ IDE is VS2008. For compiling in GCC in Windows I use Codeblocks or simply Notepad++ and compile in console, for any other language/script (including writing in .tex) I use Notepad++ equipped with many of my self-made macros.

I don't usually maintain software/codes for the public. I mostly develop for my own needs, but I still like sharing what I did in case other people would like to benefit from them or would want to modify the codes. Some of my softwares are licensed under a free license.

C/C++ (mostly with binaries)

Other Software

Mods (mostly modified C/C++ codes of other developers)